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About Me

Distraught by the large amounts of misleading and inaccurate information regarding vampyres that can be found on the Web, I, Zane Robinson, decided to take matters into my own hands by creating a web site of my own to cut through the clutters

I'm one of those people who says, "Gee, that sounds awesome!.....Now show me," unlike most of the people out there who will believe about anything you tell them. Everything on this site will be based off of first-hand see-it-to-believe-it experience, and if it is something that I feel probably could happen, but haven't personally seen it (e.g. a second-hand encountar), I will inform of such a case, allowing you to decide on your own.

I encourage you to try out everything listed within this site, unless otherwise noted, and to e-mail me should you find that something that does not work, or to confirm or deny the trucity of anything that I have not personally seen. Alternatively, you are also welcome to contact my wife, Azaria, for a second opinion on matters, or just to have somebody to talk to.

Unlike most sites, particularly about this topic, I have provided you with my contact information. I will try to check it every day, and respond to e-mails accordingly and promptly. One thing that should strike you about having my contact information everywhere (as in, every page on the site) is that I am confident in the trucity of my claims, and that this is not just a "bogus" site. If these things were not true, I simply would not give you my e-mail because I would not want to read your gripes and complaints.

In any event, I encourage you to become a member of this site's forum (requires an e-mail address for notifications. If you are unsure about giving it out, then make a "throw-away" one just for stuff like this, although I assure you, I could care less what your e-mail address is), and look forward to hearing from you, and educating you on what a real vampyre is.

If, for some reason, you would not like for me to have your email address in any capacity, you may decide to use the anonymous mail form that I've made. Obviously if you don't leave me an address to reply to I can't reply, but if you simply wish to give a quick, "Thanks," then that option exists.

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Like what I do? Fan of my presentation style? All services of Awake and Drink are done voluntarily; without any payment. All expenses incurred while providing these services and information contained within Awake and Drink are paid for out-of-pocket by myself (Zane), from my own personal accounts. Of course, there is no obligation to donate, nor will there ever be. There is no fee required to access anything that's here, and that is the way it shall always remain; however, if you do feel generous and don't mind leaving a small donation (anything to offset the costs of operation), that would be very much appreciated.

If you do wish to help Awake and Drink, feel free to donate using either of the two methods provided.

The first is PayPal's safe and secure transaction methods. (Note: I don't see anything you enter there; it's all on PayPal's site, and it is impossible for me to access those records.) Alternatively, you may use the new Flattr donation system. You set an amount to donate and at the end of the month that amount gets split between the authors of everything you've Flattr'd, so if there are guest authors who help me write an article, they get a slice of that as well. (More on Flattr.) Please choose one below.

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