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Additional Links

Here are some links to other vampyre-related resources. I may or may not agree with the information contained within each of them, but feel it is important to give everybody as much information and as many places to obtain it from as possible.


  • Sanguinarius.org - http://www.sanguinarius.org
  • Sanguinarius.orgSangi's famous website. It is among the first of the real vampyre websites to emerge, and is essentially a collaboration of various information (both correct and incorrect) from other "real vampyre" sites across the web.
    It is by far one of the better sites out there, although one must be ever-wary of the differing opinions within the site, itself.
  • SphynxCatVP's Real Vampire Support Page - http://sphynxcatvp.nocturna.org
  • SphynxCatVPSphynxCat's general information real vampyre site. She, much like Sangi, has gathered various articles from the far reaches of the Web and from members of her own site who have contributed their thoughts, to further the public's understanding of vampyrism, as well as attempt to give a proper representation of all parties' opinions.
    Her research is good, and her work thorough. Her knowledge in the field of general medicine is quite adequate for the topics to be discussed. She tends to, "tell it like it is," very concisely and to-the-point. Something worth looking into every now and then perhaps.
  • Drink Deeply and Dream - http://www.drinkdeeplyanddream.com
  • Drink Deeply and DreamMemoryandDream's real vampyre support website. She has been tinkering around with web design and vampyrism for many, many years. She isn't usually as thorough as most, however the information therein is generally extremely good.
    Despite a lack of in-depth explanation as to "why," her "how-to's" are definitely something everyone should consider reading. (When you get to her site you can just click the logo to enter.)
  • The Voices of the Vampire Community (Links page) - http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/resourcelinks.html
  • Voices of the Vampire Community - Resource LinksBeing so many links and given that they can change at any given moment, I can't advise on the accuracy of the links located therein; however there is a bounty of links here to various websites, as well as multiple area-specific Covens for those of you searching for Covens.
  • PsychicVampire.org - http://www.psychicvampire.org
  • Psychic Vampire.orgThis site follows the belief that Psychic vampyres exist, and that they must obtain, "vital energy from outside sources," (taken from their home page). While I obviously do not agree with them, they are, nonetheless, the foremost Psychic Vampire site (despite them not existing).
    The only reason I have this link here is because I thought some might find it interesting just to see what these individuals believe. To, "study," the psychology behind it, etc. That, and as much of a pain in the rear as it is to admit, it is a resource and it happens to have to do with vampyrism, so I felt obliged to include it.
  • Psionics Online - http://www.psionicsonline.net
  • Psychic Vampire.org If you're looking for a good resource to learn Psionics from, this is a definite must-visit. The information is factual, the content is a nice, somewhat leisurely read (in other words, you're not trying to force yourself through to the next paragraph unlike many Psionics resources out there), and the articles are arranged in a logical, easy-to-navigate manner. Throw all of that inside of a calming, easy-to-read design/layout, and you have Psionics Online.

Articles regarding Real vampyres

  • Real Vampires - http://www.bylightunseen.net/revisit.htm
  • Real VampiresInanna Arthen's article surrounding real vampyres in society. The main focus of the article is the belief that vampyres need Energy rather than blood, and that, while blood is a very direct way by which one may obtain such Energy, it is not necessary.
    It may seem long at first, but it really reads quite quickly. If you're interested in a fairly decent summary of the beliefs of many of those who call themselves "Psy/Psi Vampires" then this should be of interest to you.
  • The V-5 Virus - http://web.archive.org/web/20030912124237/v5.gq.nu/site.html
  • The V-5 VirusThis site allegedly details the truths behind the V5 Vampire Virus, and is supposed to have been written by the creator of the site for the show "Ultraviolet" (IMDb profile) that started it all.
    Most of the links are dead or broken now, due to the amount of time that has passed since this page's inception; however it is a good read nonetheless.
  • VEWRS/AVEWRS Vampi(y)re Research Survey - http://www.atlantavampirealliance.com/researchstudy.html
  • VEWRS/AVEWRS Vampi(y)re Research SurveyFrom the page hosting the results: "The Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study is a detailed sociological and phenomenological study of the real vampire community conducted by Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC. Two surveys were released in 2006 that were answered by nearly 950 individuals from all paths within the vampire community and throughout the world. The first was the Vampire & Energy Work Research Survey (VEWRS) with 379 Questions in March 2006; and the second was the Advanced Vampirism & Energy Work Research Survey (AVEWRS) with 688 Questions in August 2006. From 2006 to 2009 a combined response total (VEWRS & AVEWRS) reached over 1,450 surveys or over 670,000 individually answered questions; making it the largest and most in-depth research study ever conducted on the real vampire/vampyre community or subculture."


  • The Vampire Codex - http://www.sacred-texts.com/goth/vc/index.htm
  • The Vampire Codex"The Vampire Codex" is the predecessor of "The Psychic Vampire Codex," both written by Michelle Belanger. This is the online version.
    Here is the first paragraph in the Introduction of the book: "The Vampire Codex is a document written by occultist and psychic vampire Michelle Belanger for use as the instructional text of House Kheperu (http://www.kheperu.org). The prototype of this work was first set to paper in late 1991. A specially printed version was offered to select students in conjunction with the International Society of Vampires beginning in 1995. Later revisions led to the Sanguinarium edition, published by the Sanguiarium Press in October 2000. This version is derived from the Sanguinarium edition which also came to be circulated widely on the Internet."
  • The Vampire, His Kith and Kin - http://www.sacred-texts.com/goth/vkk/index.htm
  • The Vampire, His Kith and Kin"The Vampire, His Kith and Kin," written by Montague Summers is a beautiful example of some of the early beliefs in vampyrism. It is seething with hatred for such creatures, and tells us that, "The Vampire is one who has led a life of more than ordinary immorality and unbridled wickedness; a man of foul, gross and selfish passions, of evil ambitions, delighting in cruelty and blood," (Summers, pg. 77).
    Here is the PDF version for those who wish to save the file for later viewing: http://www.munseys.com/diskfour/kithk.pdf
  • The Vampire Ritual Book - http://www.sacred-texts.com/goth/vrb/index.htm
  • The Vampire Ritual Book"The Vampire Ritual Book," written by Michelle Belanger, is a book solely dedicated to the instruction of creating rituals, as well as giving sample rituals which one may alter to suit his or her situation.
    Honestly the whole thing would appear to be directed more towards the Wiccan/Pagan/Magick community more than vampyres. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I can honestly say that I was pretty unentertained while reading through this.
  • The Psychic Vampire Codex - (A very long URL to Google Books.)
  • The Psychic Vampire CodexOne of the most pronounced publications from within the Vampyre Community, "The Psychic Vampire Codex," written by Michelle Belanger, outlines vampyrism in general, as well as ethics of Feeding, among other things.
  • To be completely honest, I haven't read it, nor am I likely to any time soon. The first few pages are alright, but then it just turns into pure idiocy – couldn't sit through more than the first 20 pages or so. You're more than welcome to read it, though, and if you wish to purchase the physical book, then follow this link to Amazon.
  • The Book of Vampires - http://store.doverpublications.com/048644998x.html
  • The Book of Vampires"The Book of Vampires," written by Dudley Wright, details the development of the belief in vampyrism throughout history from all corners of the globe (or at least those corners of the globe that had been discovered by 1914 – the time of this document's writing).
    The author cites countless historical records to back up his claims, and shows extensive research into the field of vampyres in folklore, literature, and religion throughout time..
  • The Vampire: A Casebook - (A very long URL to Google Books.)
  • The Vampire: A CasebookA casebook covering the, "traditional vampire," as opposed to the literary one. The book focuses on traditional lore, typically alienating much of anything that has to do with literary vampires.
    If you want to read about some older, spoken tales passed down from generation to generation then this should be a pleasant read for you.