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Help for the Newly Awakened

Are you a vampyre? Have you just Awakened and don't know what to do or who to talk to? The goal of this site is to help you understand the world of real vampyres; not the one in Twilight or Dracula, but the one that has existed since the beginning of time.

A vampyre myself, I have compiled a "guide" based off of my experiences for those of you that have just started your journey into a world that society refuses to recognize outside of fiction and folklore.

My "mission," if you will, is to provide the world with the most comprehensive data available to-date regarding real vampyres. This site, unlike many others, will consist only of answers that I know to be true.

In order to construct such a wealth of knowledge, there must also be the many different opinionated views regarding vampyrism. What I will do with this information is mark it as such –an opinion–, and cite the source from which this information was derived, allowing you, the ever-searching and ever-questioning reader, to visit the link, and decide for yourself what you wish to believe.

I ask that you view this site with an open mind and a knowledge-hungry soul. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: Awak...@yahoo.com.

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