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IceChat IRC Walkthrough

This guide details the process necessary to setup IRC on IceChat.


  1. After installing IceChat, you should be greeted with something like this. Replace "AwakeAndDrink" with what you want your name to be.
    • IceChat Setup, Step 1 - NickName
  2. Click the "Next" arrow. Make sure that "Server" is "irc.dal.net". You may have to type it in yourself.
    • IceChat Setup, Step 2 - ServerName
  3. Click the "Next" arrow.
    • IceChat Setup, Step 3 - Done
  4. Now you need to tell IceChat you want to connect to DALnet. Select "irc.dal.net" from the list on the left, then hit "Connect" on the bottom-left.
    • IceChat Setup, Step 4 - SelectServer
  5. Now all that's left is to join the channel for Awake and Drink! Simply type "/join #AwakeAndDrink" in the box at the bottom like I have here and hit "Enter".
    • IceChat Setup, Step 5 - JoinChannel
  6. Congratulations! You're done!
    • IceChat Setup, Step 6 - Complete