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Pidgin IRC Walkthrough

This guide details the process necessary to setup IRC on Pidgin. Although Pidgin is capable of utilizing dozens of other messaging systems (Yahoo!, Gmail, ICQ, AIM, and even Facebook) this article focuses solely on the process of setting up IRC on Pidgin.


  1. After installing Pidgin, you should be greeted with something like this.
    • Pidgin Setup, Step 1 - BuddyList
  2. Now go to Tools->Manage Accounts and you will see this screen.
    • Pidgin Setup, Step 2 - ManageAccounts
  3. Click on "Add..." and you will be prompted with this.
    • Pidgin Setup, Step 3 - AddAccount
      1. Under "Protocol" select "IRC."
      2. For "Username" type what you want your name to be.
      3. In "Server" type in "irc.dal.net"
  4. After you add the new account it may take a few moments for everything to activate. With a little bit of patience, you will be presented with something like this. Notice that I typed, "/join #AwakeAndDrink" – you type it too and hit "Enter".
    • Pidgin Setup, Step 4 - JoinChannel
  5. Congratulations! You're done!
    • Pidgin Setup, Step 5 - Complete