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XChat IRC Walkthrough

This guide shows you how to setup IRC on XChat.


  1. After installing XChat, you should be greeted with something like this.
    • XChat Setup, Step 1 - NetworkList
      1. "Nick name" is your preferred name.
      2. "Second Choice" is the name you use if your preferred name is taken. (Optional)
      3. "Third Choice" is the name you'll use if both your first and second choices are taken already. (Optional)
      4. "User name" can just be your first name.
      5. "Real name" should be a first and last name.
      6. Select "DALnet".
      7. Hit "Connect".
  2. Upon connecting, you'll likely be prompted with a window like this.
    • XChat Setup, Step 2 - JoinChannel
      1. Choose, "Join this channel:".
      2. In the box, type "#AwakeAndDrink".
  3. Congratulations! You're done!
    • XChat Setup, Step 3 - Complete