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Vampyres do exist, and they do live among us. In fact, I, myself, am a vampyre. Unfortunately, however, the preceding years have brought with them a public whose views of vampyrism differ dramatically from what they once were.

With the Twilight plague has come a grotesque amount of misconceptions about vampyrism, as well as an increasing amount of people making erroneous claims of "immortality" and being "vampyres" themselves. Some may argue, "But Zane, how is that a bad thing? It's great! I mean, c'mon, with the rise of Twilight came the rise of believers in real vampyres, and, therefore, comes a widely more tolerant public with which we vampyres shall, perhaps, one day announce ourselves to! In the past we would have been feared by all –or worse–, but now they may very well embrace the fact that we exist among them!"

Well... while that may be the case at times, this is not always so. While the infectious disease that is Twilight has brought many curious cats wandering our way, consequentially stumbling upon the truth through sites like this and others, there is a very, very big problem that we, as vampyres, now face in regards to making our presence known.

For one, not as many will be as willing to accept the truth as it may initially appear. Yes, fiction has brought the idea of vampyrism to the forefront of its fans mind's, but their 'vampyres' and what we know as 'vampyres' differ greatly.

Unfortunately, many of fiction's opinions of vampyrism do not hold up when compared to the real deal, and thus may make it difficult, if not impossible, for fiction fans to take a step back from deifying us, and give up their 'golden image' of vampyres.

Another prime problem with the pesky pop-culture people promoting 'vampyre awareness' is that there soon becomes a concern regarding Hunters and Slayers – yes, they are real. While not many vampyres are killed by them, it does not change the fact that they pose a genuine threat to our well-being. vampyres have always had to take precautions when dealing with potential Hunters or while lingering (offline or online) in probable 'Hunter-territory', so to speak, but now with so many people bringing attention to the Community, we must be even more careful.

This site's sole purpose and intention is to help those who are Awakening and those who have long been Awakened to understand the world around them, and to help make sense of their lives. I understand from personal experience what a lonely road vampyrism can be, especially when you have nobody else who you can relate to (and not try to kill you or put you in a mental institution).

My goal is to provide a safe, comfortable environment in which we, as real vampyres, may interact with each other freely and without fear of persecution (socially or otherwise). If there are any wrongdoings within the realms of this site, I ask that you please report them to me so that the situation may be resolved as promptly as possible. We have enough enemies as it is – there is no need to add our own ilk to that list.

The one thing that I will not tolerate is misinformation. While you may or may not agree with all which is posted within this site, unless you can challenge it with an argument well-supported enough to change my mind or the minds of others viewing, then the information contained herein will not change. I am always open to new ideas, as we are all constantly searching for the answers to what we are, however I will expect adequate support from those on the opposition.

This site is not made for, "vampire lifestylers," "RPGers," or, "blood fetishists." While I have no quarrel with such individuals viewing and/or partaking in discussions within this site, I ask only that such discussions be made on a level of sincere seriousness, not trailing off into the netherlands of fantasy. This is not a fantasy – it is reality. We do not necessarily enjoy being as we are; ask about any vampyre you come across and they will tell you the same. If we had it our way things would be different; however, sadly that is just not the case.

This site is intended for mature audiences only. Since maturity has no true, identifiable age, I will not set a "minimum age requirement" for viewing the site, however I ask only that all parties viewing this site behave in a mature, appropriate fashion. If I feel that you are simply incapable of acting in such a manner (due to age or otherwise), it will be addressed. Please bear in mind that not only do your actions reflect the attitude of this domain as a whole, but they also represent you, yourself. Other than this, everyone should feel free to engage with the community here.

This site contains information regarding what is known as "bloodletting." This is the action of permitting blood to flow freely outward from the body. This is by no means made with the intention of being a "cutting/self-mutilation" guide or any other such thing; however I recognize that people will do as they may, and thus feel obligated to at least do them the favor of educating them regarding proper and safe (as safe as possible) bloodletting techniques. Note that by, "...do as they may...," I am referring to penetrating the skin in any capacity, regardless of whether or not it is the individual, themself, or another. I in no way encourage self-mutilation, and in fact I also suggest against cutting others when possible. Some individuals will find willing "donors" for this, but there are still many risks (not the least of which are legal prosecution and blood-born ailments) to this. Instead, I always suggest to try obtianing blood from animals (already dead) in safe manners. For instance, a rare/medium-rare steak, etc.

Oh, yes, and lest I forget – this site contains no pornographic images.

  • ~Best of wishes,
  • Zane Robinson