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The Awakening

What is it?

Question: "So I've read your vampyre Lingo page, and keep hearing about this, "Awakening," thing, but what exactly is it?"

Answer: "The Awakening" is when a vampyre becomes aware of his/her nature. It is very similar to when you wake up for the day.

Your alarm goes off, and you wake up. You roll out of bed, get dressed, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, etc.

These are mindless, mechanical actions. In a sense, these are performed just as a dog performs tricks – you train it to do something, and it does just that with no desire to expand upon that knowledge for there is no need to. These simple actions are performed during the Awakening just as they are any other day. They do not change.

Next, you try to decide what is in store for you today. Maybe you are going to drive to work, type up an article or two, attend a few conference calls, and then go to court later today because your neighbor "accidentally" threw a brick through your window.

While deciding this, you are becoming more aware of yourself; becoming more conscious. You are waking up to prepare yourself for the day ahead, even though you do not know what exactly it will contain, only a general idea. You probably feel rather unprepared for the articles you must write. You are nervous about what your "higher-ups" will say during the conference call. You are worried about if court goes the wrong way, and are not entirely mentally prepared for it.

This is similar to the Awakening.

How long does it take?

The ways that it comes about vary far and wide, but we've managed to narrow them down into three main "categories."

  • For some it is the first taste of blood that seems to awake something inside of them; thus beginning the changes.
    • The major changes of the Awakening may take anywhere between 2 weeks-2 months to appear.
  • For others, it could be having some communication with a vampyre.
    • In my experience, the vampyre whom they are around often does not even reveal themselves. It is merely being around one that could stir that "certain something" up. We've also known people to have Awakened after being in a relationship with a vampyre. While being around them is, in itself, enough to Awaken them, the process seems to progress tenfold if they, for instance, kiss. Interestingly enough, each party is usually unaware of the Unawakened other.
    • The major changes of the Awakening may take anywhere between 3 weeks-2 months to appear.
  • And for yet others it will happen all on its own without a catalyst. If you can somehow communicate with a vampyre or someone who can help you out, then it can be rather simple to adjust; however if you have nobody to talk to, then it may prove to be difficult.
    • The major changes of the Awakening may take anywhere between 2 or 3 months-12 or more months to appear, respectively.

A vampyre may begin to Awaken anywhere between the ages of 8 and 24, though the most common ages of discovery seem to lie between the years of 14-20.

Why does it happen?

What is the cause of the Awakening? Why does it suddenly appear after lying 'dormant' for so many years?

Answer: vampyrism is of the Soul.

Allow me to explain. You see, reincarnation is a very real thing. All vampyres become reincarnated, while some humans do as well. The humans who are reincarnated do so just as the regular reincarnation beliefs go; however, those who are not reincarnated simply live that Life, and, upon death, separate from their Body, and enter the afterlife. vampyres, on the other hand, are reincarnated over and over and over again.

Now then, that being said, the Awakening is the 'merging' of your Soul/Spirit with your Body for this Life. The Soul is that of a vampyre, and upon being reincarnated the individual is a human for the first bit of their Life. Once various Seals become undone (usually in puberty, as that is when many other Seals fade away – it happens to everybody), vampyrism begins to 'merge' with your Body. This is the reason for the drastic change in physical appearance, as well as the sudden development of vampyric traits, etc.

So yes, while the Awakening is, in part, the realization of one's being a vampyre, it is also the time in which the Soul and Body become one.