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Blood Bars

A fairly popular topic throughout the Vampyre Community is the subject of "Blood Bars." Many will insist that they do not exist, while others will quite confidently make proclamations of their definitive existence.

Well, I'm here to tell you that they are real, albeit a bit uncommon.

Blood Bars usually double as your fairly average nigthclub, with the exception that they have blood on the menu. More often than not, this blood is taken from pigs or other such animals from the local butcher shop. Pigs' blood seems to be the most common. In some rare cases, they may serve human blood from willing Donors; however due to the amount needed and the risks involved therein, this practice is relatively uncommon.

The blood is typically served in shot glasses, and tends to run a bit on the expensive side, unfortunately. Of course, you could always see if the patrons are feeling...'generous.' *sly grin*

Jokes aside, doing so without a prior blood test of some form is very risky, and by participating in such careless actions you are accepting the fact that you may or may not be exposing yourself to harmful diseases/illnesses. In lay man's terms: Stupid.

Blood Bars and Goths

A common trend in Blood Bars is that they are often more "goth-oriented" than not, which has its advantages and its disadvantages. On the plus side, there are a lot of "goths" that ingest blood regularly due to whatever blood fetishes they may have; therefore the sight of a vampyre doing so as well is not so shocking. Also on the plus side is the fact that since most "goths" tend to gravitate more towards the 'darker' aspects of life, you don't have to worry too much about bright lights and the like (the music, on the other hand, will probably be quite loud).

The downside to this is that regardless of whether or not you tend to present yourself in this manner (that is, goth), people will relate you to such individuals; therefore further damaging the public representation of vampyres as "goth posers."

Associations with Covens and Havens

Blood Bars may operate separately from Covens/Houses/whatever, or they may operate as a part of them. Regardless of their 'official' associations, some may be what are known as "Havens" as well.

A Haven is simply a "safe place" (thus the name) for vampyres to get together and chat. This could be the local diner, coffee shop, or perhaps the nearest Blood Bar – it could be anything, really, and just depends on the individuals.

When they have an agreement with a Coven of some sort, that Blood Bar is typically that Coven's "official" Haven. The Coven members will get free perks from time to time, as well as the occasional allowance of individuals slightly under the age restrictions to enter. Those that are younger than the minimum age usually permitted in a bar are watched by the older members to ensure that they do not consume alcohol or get into any potentially dangerous situations.

Where can I Find a Blood Bar?

Regardless of all of this, you're certainly now wondering, "How do I find one?

Well, another site has done some wonderful work with just that information. This information is updated when changes are seen fit, and are based off of a categorical system by "Country => State/Territory => City => Bar."

Here is the link: http://vampirewebsite.net/vampirebarsclubs.html

When you visit the site, just click on the country/state/city/bar. Once you get the name of it just Google it along with the city (as there are likely hundreds of "Moonlight Whiskeys" across the world, one would think), then you should get the address and phone number of it. Once you have obtained these, you may wish to call and ask (discretely) about what it is that you are interested in.

NOTE: The above website is not owned or operated by me in any way, shape, or form and I am not repsonsible for changes in the information located therein (be it positive or negative). If these links become non-functional (i.e. "broken"), then I ask that you please contact me and let me know of the situation so that I may remove them and replace them with ones that work.