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Coping with Vampyrism

This contains methods to help people, well, cope with vampyrism.

While this subject is lightly touched upon in the section for Awakening vampyres, this section will only have those things which are relevant to those who have been Awakened for a while; it won't have some of the more "common sense" tips. Of course, there will be less here than in the Awakening section because there's more to learn for Awakening vampyres, but we'll try to keep this one for the more, "advanced."

  • Blood Bars

    • A fairly popular topic throughout the Vampyre Community is the subject of "Blood Bars." Many will insist that they do not exist, while others will quite confidently make proclamations of their definitive existence.
  • Blood Substitutes

    • While nothing truly replaces blood, itself, there are many every day food items that will reduce the bloodlust, even if only temporarily. After scouring every corner of the Net years ago in search of these items, recipes, and techniques, I am setting out to once more discover these things and bring them to you.