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House Aset: The Kemetic Order of Aset Ka

The Kemetic Order of Aset Ka, or House Aset as it is often shorthanded, is one of the oldest vampyre groups around, particularly known for its secrecy. Only somewhat recently have they begun establishing a public identity, with the Asetian Bible being published in 2007. Not long after the inception of the Aset Ka website, many curious cats came wandering down this road of mystery and oftentimes dead ends – and with their open statement of secrecy, it is no wonder that House Aset is so intriguing.

Some Terminology

First, let's go over some definitions to break this down:

  • House:
    • Any group of individuals under a particular belief. This could mean a literal structure (example: churches are frequently referred to as the "House of God"), or it could be the abstract idea of a collective group (example: "House Aset").
  • Aset:
    • "The Egyptian name for the Goddess Isis, which is a Greek name for the Egyptian Goddess of magick and power, and also meaning literally "Throne" in Ancient Egyptian, being the reason why Isis is many times painted with a throne symbol on her head. She is sometimes considered to be the Goddess of Many Names, the face behind many divinities, and the Goddess of All Gods," (source).
  • Kemeticism:
    • Something that is "Kemetic" typically is in reference to having, at least in part, beliefs derived from that of an Egyptian spirituality.
  • Order:
    • Similar to a "House."
  • Ka:
    • The Life Force in Egyptian theology, usually in some reference to the Energy of the Soul.

Background Information

So, here we have the House of Aset, or more specifically, the Order based off of Egyptian theology revolving around the deity Aset, having quite a bit to do with Life Energy.

How long have they actually been around? I can't seem to find much information on that in regards to verifying any claims; however what is known is that the Asetian Bible (their holy text) was published in the year 2007, and the copyright date on their site does as many sites do, and only affirms copyright privileges for the present year (2010), rather than spanning the entire length of its existence so there's no useful information there.

Past Lives

The followers of House Aset, known as "Asetians," follow the Order's belief that they are vampyres whose Souls are spiritually immortal, following their belief in Past Lives. According to their site:

"The Kemetic Order of Aset Ka is a spiritual society and metaphysical order of mysteries that was founded in Kemet by Her Highness Aset, during a time the ancients know as the Sep Tepy. The word Kemet means Black Land in Ancient Egyptian, referring to the lands of the Asetian Empire in the shores of the Nile; while Sep Tepy means First Time, a Kemetic terminology to the golden era of the Gods, an ancient primordial timeframe that predates Dynastic Egypt," (source).

The Definition of a Vampire

In order for an individual to become a member of House Aset, they must first become an Asetian. This is achieved by "Turning" that individual into a vampyre through some sort of "ritual," known as the Dark Kiss, whose details are undisclosed. After this "ritual" is performed, the individual then undergoes what is called the Awakening, in which the individual is allegedly spiritually reborn into that of a vampyre, which they define as:

"The term vampire was created by mortals to describe an ancient being that they could not comprehend. For ages long past humans have defined the Asetians simply as vampires, the predators of mankind... However their true nature lies hidden far deeper than what the word can express. The Asetians are immortal beings, owners of a strong mysterious allure, powerful metaphysical abilities, and an impressive intellect. They are beings of a silent spirituality, a noble sense of loyalty and a paramount understanding of the foundations of the Universe," (source).


The Asetians believe in Psionics, called "Vibrational Magick" by them. Some of these include: Grounding, Sensing, Cleansing, Healing, Shielding, Projecting, Psychic Attacks, Banishing, Binding, Constructs, Astral Travel, and Past Life Regressions. They also believe that vampyres are not the only ones who are capable of manipulating/draining Energy; that humans are able to as well, (source).

The Asetians also assert that vampyres are, "both, a powerful psychic and a potential blood drinker; being able to drain vital energy by diverse means, like physical contact, the blood of humans, sexual interaction or simply by stealth metaphysical abilities, among many others," and that what all real vampyres truly require, "is Ka, the Essence of Life, whether released by an intense sexual orgasm, from the blood dripping off a donor's vein or simply by the touch of the flesh," (source).

Also, they proudly state: "There are no Asetian products being sold in stores...," (source), however that begs the question – there are no ads on their sites and they do not sell products of their own (according to them), so how do the afford the hosting? Granted, hosting costs are extremely cheap, especially compared to what they used to be, but one would think that they would at least run som Google ads to help balance the cost a little bit.

Summary: Aset Ka in Their Own Words

To sum this all up, I give you their self-descriptive summary:

"The Order of Aset Ka is an elitist secretive society. The essence and knowledge behind the Aset Ka is not found in buildings, objects or common books. Its mysteries are only unveiled to the worthy and its doors only open for the ones who are loyal and true. For everyone else... the Order will never exist," (source).


Here is their website: http://www.asetka.org/index.shtml

As well as Paranormal Encyclopedia's summary of House Aset.

As always, use caution and skepticism. The ABCDEF may help in making an informed decision.

Their books:

(Previews and purchases are avaliable through their site via the links below, but I checked and they're also on Amazon if you prefer.)