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Am I a Vampyre?

"Hey Zane, am I a vampyre?" Well, to be completely honest with you, you're probably not if you're asking me, but I'll err on the side of caution and assume that maybe a few of you who ask this questioin are, indeed, vampyres. For those curious about the answer to this, I've created a sizable list of things to consider when asking this question.

"Can you tell if I am a vampyre?" Well, yes I could, but that defeats the purpose of the Awakening. The Awakening is a journey of self-discovery – it is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Sure, it can be scary at times and you want to know what's going on with your body, but that is what I and this site are here for – to help you through it, not tell you whether you are one or not.

  • Have you been experiencing headaches increasingly often lately even though you have not been doing anything differently?
  • Have you noticed a sub-conscious aversion to bright light sources?
  • Have you noticed a newly-obtained nostalgic manner of thinking?
  • Have you suddenly become very self-aware?
  • Have you noticed yourself catching peoples' eyes increasingly often lately?
  • When you catch their eye is it because you tend to look their way a fraction of a second before they look your way as if you "know" they're about to look at you?
  • Have you noticed yourself eating an increasing number of fruits and (particularly) vegetables without any conscious change to your diet?
  • Have you noticed a newfound fondness of fruits and vegetables raw rather than cooked?
  • Has there been an unidentifiable change in the way you like your meats prepared? You've always had steak well-done, but for some reason or another you seem to like it medium now?
  • When you eat these not-so-cooked foods do the headaches go away?
  • When you are all alone in a position where you would normally feel lonely, do you suddenly find yourself feeling not-so-lonely – at peace, even?
  • Do you know what is for lunch/dinner judging by the smell of it when those around you can't smell anything?
  • When you experience the smell of food or any other scent, do you feel as though you "can just taste it?"
  • Have your favorite meals and treats suddenly become more bland-tasting?
  • When you ask others about the new blandish taste, do they say that they don't taste a difference?
  • Have you suddenly become disinterested in food, yet eat a lot?
  • Are you still hungry no matter how much you eat – even if your stomach is full, do you still feel like you need to eat something to fill a "gap" of some sort?
  • Are you suddenly equally or more energetic at night than you are in the day?
  • Do you feel restless at night? Do you experience the urge to clean something or do something similar to alleviate this restlessness?
  • Do you find yourself becoming increasingly irritable lately for even the slightest reason?
  • Despite the newfound irritability, have you always been a pretty patient person?
  • Have you become somewhat more cynical regarding certain aspects of life?
  • Does the phrase, "People annoy me," sound like something you've thought lately?
    • Does thinking this come as a surprise to you since people have never really bothered you before, but now you find their impudence and insincerity quite bothering?
  • Do your eyes now turn between their natural color and a hazel-related color from time to time when they never used to?
  • Is that hazel-related color becoming more and more gold as time goes on?
  • Is there now a small ring around the very outside of your pupil that is the color of a fiery gold – similar to that of a "sunburst" design, and reminiscent to that of a, "lion's mane?"
  • Does this gold ring flare out becoming brighter and larger when you get angry or are trying to persuade somebody?
    • (Note: The ring around the pupil typically does not occur (to a noticeable extent) until approximately 2-3 months after the onset of the Awakening.)
  • Have you noticed that you have become more persuasive around the same time that the rest of these changes began taking place?
  • When you are around a group of people, does the group start off energetic and happy but becomes calm and solemn after being with you for a while when the members of the group weren't doing anything to necessarily exert themselves?
  • Have you noticed yourself eating more frequently because of this mysterious "hole" that you can't seem to fill?
  • Have you been picking up on the most random, minute, and peculiar things like the average number of pencils in a pencil jar, or the average number of cars that get to go at a stoplight without ever consciously thinking about it?
  • Do you happen to just "know" things when asked a question even if you have no experience in the field? Are you usually right?
  • Do you ifnd that you no longer bump into objects and people as often?
  • Now that you think about it, you always seem to side-step them at the last possible moment.
  • Now that you think about that, you realize that you often didn't even know that there was something or somebody there until after you evaded te obstacle.
  • When people bump into you do you tend to catch yourself thinking, "Why didn't they know I was there?" because you seem to always "know" when somebody is behind or beside you?

The more times that you answered, "yes," the more likely it is that you are a vampyre. It should be noted, however, that just because you answered, "yes," to every single question does not necessarily mean that you are a vampyre. Why? Because there also happen to be logical, non-vampyric explanations for these things as well. Likewise, you could be a vampyre but not experience all of these traits, although if you don't experience 3/4ths of these, then you may wish to re-think how you see yourself as a vampyre.

For those of you who have e-mailed me asking if you are vampyres, you should know this very, very well: I am probably one of the most logical people you will ever know. I do not believe anything until I see it for myself. If you tell me your traits, I then try to give you logical, non-vampyre, explanations, and talk you out of the belief that you are a vampyre. In fact, I think most of you have probably gotten a little frustrated at me during this process, but it is the only way you can be certain one way or the other – by eliminating all other possibilities.

Sure, I could tell you from the beginning what I think, but you probably wouldn't believe me either way simply because it's coming from somebody other than yourself (not to mention the fact that I'm just some stranger across the vast expanse of the Internet that you probably hardly know). This is why I take you on a road of self-discovery. Some have left the conversation knowing their vampyric nature; some have left the conversation knowing that they are not vampyres. In the end, nearly everybody is grateful for my help in proving or disproving what they believe they are. If they want to, non-vampyres will still e-mail me, and I answer any questions they may have. I will not keep any knowledge from you.