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General Vampyrism

This will cover many of the common aspects of vampyrism. Such things as what "real vampyres" are (as opposed to "fictional vampyres"), clearing up some common misconceptions about vampyrism, and a brief glossary of commonly-used terms are found here.

Really it's just as the name says – General vampyrism.

  • Am I a Vampyre?

    • "Hey Zane, am I a vampyre?" Well, to be completely honest with you, you're probably not if you're asking me, but I'll err on the side of caution and assume that maybe a few of you who ask this questioin are, indeed, vampyres. For those curious about the answer to this, I've created a sizable list of things to consider when asking this question.
  • Reality vs. Fiction

    • Here I outline the differences between the "vampyre of fiction, myth, and 'tweens'" and the vampyre of reality. So, here they are in no particular order.
  • Types of Vampyres

    • Psi/Psy, Hybrid, and Sanguinarians. We have all heard of these terms, but it seems that nowhere in all of the Vampyre Community are there ever discussions regarding this. Every time one pops up, it is quickly deleted or heavily censored by the Webmaster/Webmistress. Why, though? This should not be.
  • Vampyre Lingo

    • When asked, "What was the hardest part of your Awakening?" the terminology isn't typically the first thing that comes to my mind. Nevertheless, it was, indeed, rather challenging. Because of this, I have constructed a list of what I feel are some of the more important terms, be they for daily use or just "to know".