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History of Vampyrism

Here you'll find articles regarding some of the history of vampyrism, as well as articles regarding some of the most commonly mentioned historical figures regarding vampyrism and its origins. In addition to these, you'll also find some of the many theories circulating out there regarding the alleged "origins" or "causes" of vampyrism.

  • Dracula

    • Here some light is shed on "Dracula" (no pun intened...okay maybe a little). I point out that while he was a rather charismatic man (not to mention sadistic), he wasn't very much a vampyre by any stretch of the imagination. Just a pretty awesome historical figure that kicked some serious bad guy booty, albeit using some fairly sickening methods.
  • Lilith

    • Many millenia ago when the world was first being created, God plopped two dandy souls on Earth named Adam and Lilith. (No, not Adam and Eve. If you think that Adam and Eve were the first souls on this planet, then you obviously have not done your homework.) Adam, being male, and Lilith, being female, were meant to reproduce and populate the Earth. Well...that didn't work out so well.
  • V5 Vampire Virus

    • It is thought that this virus is a sort of endogenous retrovirus, behaving much like HIV. In short, retroviruses are viruses that, once in the body, attack the genetic make-up of our bodies, altering our very DNA, and the term, "endogenous," means that it is passed on through the offspring from the parent organism. Therefore, "endogenous retrovirus," means that it is a DNA-altering virus that can be passed on to the infected individual's children.