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The Black Veil

The metaphorical rules of the Community, The Black Veil serves as a list of how all vampyres and "vampyresses" should act. While it is not a genuine "set of rules," it should be treated more-or-less similarly.

Some groups have taken it so far as to make it the official ruleset for their Covens. Two examples of this would be The Black Veil 1.0 serving as the rules for the Sanguinarium, and The Black Veil 4.0 serving as the rules for the Order of Strigoi Vii.

However, due to the large amount of disapproval from the Community towards the documents (e.g. They contain too many words that could be misinterpreted as being directed towards role-players, and the fact that it had gotten to the point that more role-players were accepting and abiding by The Black Veil than real vampyres), members of the Community agreed that it would be best to simply start over from the ground up. Through this effort we have "The Vampiric Ethos," which is essentially the same thing as The Black Veil, only entirely re-written, and applies much more to the every day, average real vampyre.

As a personal choice, my favorite is "The Vampiric Ethos." Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however I would like to see many adopt The Vampiric Ethos as their own. Doing so is entirely optional though.

In this section ("The Black Veil") I give brief run-downs on the history of each version, as well as the un-altered texts themselves. To-date there are 4 versions of The Black Veil, each with their own individual Tenants, and elaborations upon those Tenants, along with the newest addition to the family, "The Vampiric Ethos."

  • The Black Veil 1.0

    • The original version of The Black Veil, written in the late '90s by Father Sebastian Todd (Todd Hoyt) marked the beginning of a new era for the real vampyre Community. Before this point in time, there was a lot of mixing between roleplayers and real vampyres, and although it was probably an unintended effect, this document helped separate the two.
  • The Black Veil 2.0

    • The following text is the first revision of The Black Veil. This revision was written by Michelle Belanger, author of "The Vampire Codex," as well as Father Todd, who penned had originally penned The Black Veil. This revision was made to, allegedly, better suit the needs of the Vampyric Community as a whole.
  • The Black Veil 3.0

    • Yet another revision of The Black Veil, the third version focused primarily on improving "read-ability," and attempting to remove any and all traces of terminology which could potentially damage the credibility of the Vampyric Community. Terms that may be seen as too "video game-ish," or too "poser-ish" were removed.
  • The Black Veil 4.0

    • In what is hopefully the final revision of The Black Veil, the fourth version is...interesting... When I first stumbled across it on the site of the Strigoi Vii a few years back, I was rather amused, as I'm sure most of you will be. While this is most definitely not a difficult document to find, I feel that Sangi, of http://www.sanguinarius.org, says it best. Since I entirely agree with her opinions on this matter –as would most of you if you decided to do some research on the people involved– she has given me permission to copy-and-paste her take on it.
  • The Vampiric Ethos

    • Throwing out The Black Veil entirely, various members of the Community had decided to take it upon themselves to reconstruct the guidelines that many decided to abide by from the ground up; thus was born "The Vampiric Ethos."