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Astral Seals

"Seals" are something often used when an individual wishes to "hide" something. Because others can view your emotions, your memories, your thoughts, etc. some people wish to create what are called "Seals" to hide these things. You shouldn't do this with current thoughts/memories, but some people have certain things that they'd rather others not see, and/or would rather forget, themselves.

For these things, Seals work extraordinarily well. If you look around the Astral Plane in the areas that are very far off (and I do mean very far off) you will find various doors. Essentially what you are going to do is create a "door"/"portal"/"whatever-you-wish" and "lock" something behind it ("windows" will work too, but obviously that won't prevent viewing -- only distort what the individual can see).

Now, without further delay, I will teach you how to construct them.


To place something behind a Seal, what you first have to do is simply look into your own aura. Of course you can do this however you wish, although when you're Manipulating your own aura the easiest way (that I find, anyway) is to simply Astral Project and view yourself -- so you are essentially Astral Projecting into yourself.

Now, let's say that what you wish to "hide" is a memory (as that is what is most often attempted to hide). So, what you'll need to do is Project outside of yourself and view your own aura, just like you would anybody else's. You'll then need to find the memory you're going to be placing behind the Seal, and focus on it. Try to isolate it as much as possible from other connections (memories are often "tethered" together amongst themselves), and place it behind a "door." Make sure the door is nicely sealed and there is very little, if any room for it to get released unless you, yourself, do it. Close this door, and "lock" it. Now that memory is behind a Seal, and out of sight from others, along with (if you choose to make it) yourself.

Something to note with memories: Recall how I stated earlier that they are "tethered" amongst each other. Once you sever these ties, they will mostly be gone for good, but if you miss even a couple and think back to that time period, the tethers will begin to connect again and it will eventually be brought back to the forefront of your memories.

The reason I say "door" is because what you are technically doing is making a Construct. You will then Program this Construct to create a "Seal," which will then attempt to halt all communication between the item in question, and the rest of the world. It tries to place this thing in as far off a place as possible, while still trying to keep a "tunnel" open to you, should you ever decide you need it again.

While that is what you're *technically* doing, thinking about it with things like "doors" and "locking" them is just easier.