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This section –which is currently and will continue to have content added to it– will include some of the following topics:
(If you don't want to wait for content to be posted just e-mail me (the address is at the bottom of every page) and I'll be more than happy to answer your questions.)

  • A basic definition of energy.
    • Some different takes on the theory of energy.
      • Will include my definition, external sources for and against it, current research projects regarding it (i.e. the Kirlian Project), along with a couple of summaries of those sources.
  • Some places to start.
    • Will include things such as seeing auras/energy balls or simply sensing a person's "presence" (all of those follow the same type of technique, so they'll be put together).
    • Will also include things such as some basic energy-moving techniques, such as grounding, giving energy/Healing, taking energy, or simply just changing aspects of an entity's energy.
  • Then we'll get into some moderate techniques.
    • Such as Shielding, taking/asorbing energy efficiently, spotting abnormalities in one's aura, effective ways of Healing that abnormality, methods to reduce the "drained" feeling we all get after major Healing, and finally some very basic attacking methods –such as the infamous "psi ball"–.
    • Methods for communicating psychically will also be included here. This would simply be Hearing another person, or Speaking to another person. Methods for both hearing actual words, and "getting the gist of it" or "feeling the vibe" (a.k.a. sensing somebody's emotions and thoughts, and understanding them even though they don't come across as legitimate words) will be included.
    • In addition to the above, some simple to somewhat difficult aura-reading will be included here (i.e. reading thoughts, reading memories of the person, reading their feelings/emotions, etc.).
  • Finally reaching some rather advanced techniques.
    • Such as the different types of Shields –simple Protective ones, advanced Protective ones, Reflective Shields, Absorbant ones, Shields that will counter with various attacks, and we'll also get into a bit of Shielding other items and entities–.
    • Also methods to make stronger psi balls, along with the different functions that they can be endowed.
      • "Constructs" will likely be included under this topic. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Constructs, they are simply stuff made out of focused/concentrated energy. All that this means is that I'm going to teach you how to make a "Psi-[insert shape/object here]" such as a Psi-Rock, a Psi-Oval, a Psi-square, or a Psi-Frisbie (Weeeee!!!).
      • These can be most easily Seen, but can be Sensed as well, and exist on the same plane as all other energies do.
    • Increased sensitivity to psychically transmitted thoughts.
    • Influencing others to do your will (a.k.a. Mind Control...)
    • More advanced aura-reading techniques such as the following:
      • Manipulating memories.
        • Erasing, Adding, Moving, Casuing temporary loss of some, etc.
      • Manipulating emotions.
        • Making somebody happy, sad, angry for no reason, or, my personal favorite, making those way-too-hyper humans calm down.
      • Manipulating thoughts.
        • This would include "forcing" people to become agreeable with somebody, or causing somebody to think negatively of one person, or, if you're the "new guy/girl" at work or at your school place and everyone's giving you the cold shoulder, this is an easy way to make some friends.
        • Also you could make somebody forget what they were in the middle of doing, although this happens to me even without any intervention. =)
        • And, of course, you could change somebody's opinion/view on something.

So why did I type this Introduction out for you? Because, to be quite frank, it will likely be quite some considerable amount of time before I ever get around to doing much on this. So, the list serves three purposes:

  1. To remind me to do all of these things.
  2. To give you, the reader, an idea of things to come.
  3. To try to eliminate what plagued ourselves with my development in energy manipulation: Not knowing my potential or what to do next.

Not knowing one's potential is rather tragic, as it bars a person from progressing through whatever the subject may be. If, in music, one is not aware of the many uses of arpeggios, or does not realize that in many cases "one scale fits all", then the musician will never be as successful as they could have been.

The same is true for vampyres –or anyone else who is interested in the manipulation of energy, for that matter–. One could have the most potential ever conceived, but if the person does not know what they can do to begin with, then the high potential will just be squandered away and not do any good. So for those of you looking for ideas for psi-abilities, then I encourage you to draw from this list.

When completed, this page will include all of the above items –and more as I think of them, experiment with them, or are notified of them–, along with... Well, heck.

Here's an example of what it will look like (it may not look anything like this at all – it's just a brief draft as of this second):

  • [The ability]
    •   [An introduction of what it does]
    •   There are [insert number] ways to effectively do this.
      1. [Insert visualization technique #1]
      2. [Insert visualization technique #2]
      3. [Insert visualization technique #3]
    1. [A brief warning of what can happen if used irresponsibly, along with a few choice examples from our past mistakes of power abuse]
    2. [The immoral effect/use of this ability – for informational purposes only]
    3. [Links to other sites providing alternate views/methods of the ability]

So, as you can see, this will be by far the most comprehensive resource for functional Psi-abilities on the net. I may deviate from the order a little bit as difficulty is a matter of perception, but all of it will be here.