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Meditation/How to See Auras

“So...you're saying that if I want to get better at this 'Psionics' stuff I have to meditate? Well, how do I meditate?” It's a question that's asked quite a lot, and an answer that I give quite a lot. The problem is, it's a difficult matter to write an article or “how-to” about because of how individualized it generally needs to be. Everybody's different and everyone learns differently; however despite this I'm going to give it my best shot anyway.

Let it be said, though, that this is something that you get what you put into it. If you try once and give up, you won't see results. If you try a hundred times but don't follow the advice, then you also won't get results. It's just like working out, only without the working out part. wink

Get comfortable

The first thing you'll want to do is get comfortable. Of course, this may be quite difficult if you're sitting at a desk, in which case just take note of what to do and try it later when you're able to get more comfortable. If you're not comfortable then you're going to have a hard time seeing auras, or doing anything else relating to Psionics for that matter.

What's “comfortable” or “relaxing” to one person may be different than another's idea of the same, but the position I find the easiest to work in is lying down. Yes – lying down. Many people may go for the typical “crossed-legs, meditation-style” position which is fine, but I find it to be quite bothersome and uncomfortable; thus I don't do it. Likewise, if lying down is uncomfortable for you, don't do it. You want to be in a position that doesn't take much thought or effort to maintain, and one in which you can remain for some time (anywhere from a few, to a few dozen minutes depending on how much you want to do).


I know, it sounds silly to make an entire step devoted to “relaxing,” but I cannot stress how pivotal this part is. A tense body is not a relaxed body, and a busy mind is not a calm mind. You need both of these things if you want to actually get anything out of this. Even with as much practice as I've had, if my mind is extremely preoccupied, I can't concentrate enough to do much of anything useful.

First, close your eyes and relax your body. Are your arms sore? Do your feet hurt? Wait a while until they're relaxed, then resume.

Then, calm your mind. Some of you may not have this problem, but I usually have a dozen thoughts flowing through my mind at any given point. Because of this, this is the part that I always had the most problems with; I would narrow it down to only a few thoughts, think that it would suffice, but still be too distracted to do anything. My advice: DON'T BE LIKE ME. Allow yourself to truly relax.

If you find that you are having a hard time accomplishing this, try some breathing exercises. Take slower and healthier breaths, counting backwards from a number you choose, like 5, 10, 15, 20, or any number in-between those. Once you find a number that works for you, remember that number so the next time you have trouble easing your mind, you know roughly what you should expect.

How do you feel?

At this point, if you're relaxed enough, you should feel....different. Not 'good' or 'bad' – just 'different.' A little light-headed, your limbs may feel a bit lazy, but by and large you should feel quite open and spacious – a sense of “oneness” with yourself.

Go ahead and come out of that state, and see how you feel. A little disoriented at first? That's okay! Do you feel oddly refreshed? Good! You did it right! Just what was it that you did? Well, you meditated.

That's an odd thought to have, isn't it? “Hm, I just meditated? And it didn't involve the mandatory/ceremonial crossing of the legs? No trance-like humming? No burning candles?”

Yep, that's right – you just meditated, and you didn't have to look like an idiot to do it. :) Pretty neat, huh? Any time you're feeling particularly stressed out, or like life is just becoming too much, try setting ten or fifteen minutes aside to meditate some.

Now try doing it again. Remember: clear your mind. Many, upon realizing that they just meditated, tend to have a mind swirling with thoughts. That's alright, and quit natural even. If this is you, go ahead and take some time to reflect on your thoughts, and when you're able to be calm, go ahead and give it another whirl – see if you can enter a deeper state of “oneness” than last time.

One last word on meditation

While meditating, you may find that you are unable to sustain that “twilight” state. This is something entirely natural, and happens when your concentration (err... lack thereof) is broken. This could be because a thought just ran through your head, your leg twitched, a cat meowed, something beeped, your phone rang, etc. Whatever the cause, identify it, and try to find a way to minimize the effect it has on your meditation. Obviously, many of these can't be helped (e.g. if you try to get a cat to stop doing something, it's only going to do it more), but do what you can for those that are within your control (e.g. silencing your phones, calming your mind more before entering this state, and so on).

Seeing auras...

While meditating, at one point you should start to feel your limbs become very, very heavy. Although it is a natural reaction to fight this, try not to. Allow yourself to sink into the Earth – to become “one” with the universe. Once you feel your torso begin to sink into the Earth, you may begin to notice random swirls of color. They may all be the same color, they may all be different. Especially at first, it looks a lot like the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) found in the Northern parts of the world. See these, indulge in the beauty of them, allow yourself to get lost in them, become one of them.

By this point you may have noticed that your viewing perspective has moved – instead of where you're used to seeing things from, it would now appear that your viewing angle has shifted upward slightly, and is more centered. This is most commonly called, “The Third Eye.” This is how you see auras – you close your physical eyes, and open your Third Eye.

While you're viewing these swirls of color, see if you can find yourself (a singular swirl of color) among them. This may sound odd, but just pick which one your gut tells you is right (if you do this, then you will be right every time) – that's you. Admire it. Notice the intracacies, the beauty of it. Notice the lighter shades; the areas that make you feel happy while viewing it. Notice the darker shades; the areas that make you want to cry or look away. All the while, though, appreciate the delicate balance that exists within it. Appreciate the balance of you.

By this point you'll probably have lost your concentration, and are back in the Physical Plane. Perhaps you lost your concentration a number of times, or couldn't quite finish this section. If so, that is okay. There is nothing wrong with this, and it is perfectly normal. A lot of things are going on all at once, and I threw a lot of information at you all at once as well. Go through it, slowly, taking as much time in each step as you require. If you feel “rushed”, remember that the only person rushing you is you. Take your time. Enjoy it – it is a beautiful thing.

What can I do with this information?

What is nice about auras is that it shows a person's “true self.” This, of course, can be good or bad at times, but let's a say a friend is troubled. This friend doesn't wish to talk about it, and insists that there is nothing wrong. Once you become adept at reading auras, you will likely be able to pinpoint what is bothering them and address that issue.

While Psi-Feeding may be quite beneficial to the taker, it can be devestating to the one being taken from. The ability to read auras will allow you to make better judgement when deciding whether or not to Psi-Feed from a person.

At first you may feel that what you can do is limited by distance. This is actually not true once you learn how to use Astral Projection. In the Astral Realm, distance is not an issue, especially when combined with a familiarity of Astral Projection. Are you talking to a friend over the Internet, but still want to inspect their aura? You can do that! Just do the same thing as you normally would, only Astrally Projecting to their location.