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Psionics, also known as, "Energy Manipulation," "Psychic abilities," and numerous other names, is the art of manipulating the energy that flows within, throughout, and all around every single one of us. It is something that can be performed by anybody, but is something that must be practiced, and is definitely a, "Use it or lose it," aspect of life, meaning that without exercising these skills regularly you will find yourself quite frequently backtracking to make up lost ground.

Although there is widespread debate about who can/can't do it, both humans and vampyres most definitely can do this. The only difference is that vampyres have an innate ability to perform this; therefore they often go through life doing these things without knowing it, and learn considerably faster than most humans.

Psionics is fun, most definitely, but because of the wide range of applications it has, it also has great potential to be used irresponsibly, and with ill-intent. While I certainly cannot stop you from abusing this ability, I do politely ask that you take responsibility for your actions and think things through before diving in head first and possibly getting yourself and/or others hurt in the process.

"With great power comes great responsiblity."

  • Foreword

    • A list of "things to come" for this section.
  • Psionics: What is it?

    • The definition of "Psionics/Energy" as it will be discussed within this site.
  • Psionics: Arguments For and Against

    • For those who are skeptical, read this. If you still doubt me, e-mail me. I'll be more than happy to add your argument to the others.
  • Meditation/How to See Auras

    • A commonly asked question, here I explain how to meditate.
  • What are Auras

    • The definition of auras.
  • What do Aura Colors Mean

    • Despite popular belief, the color of an individual's aura doesn't say as much about them as some may lead others to believe.
  • Psi-Feeding

    • Quite simply, this is what it's called when you take energy from one thing and give it to another.
  • Astral Projection

    • "Astral Projection" is the action of "becoming" your Soul, and moving about outside of the limits of your Physical Body.
  • Astral Seals

    • "Seals" are something often used when an individual wishes to "hide" something. Because others can view your emotions, your memories, your thoughts, etc. some people wish to create what are called "Seals" to hide these things.
  • Spirits

    • A light introduction to Spirits.