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Psionics: What is it?

Energy is the force that is all around us. It is in the air that we breathe, the cells of our bodies, the bountiful beauties of nature, and also in what we have come to know as, "energy," (i.e. electrical, mechanical, chemical, thermal, and light energy).

As everybody knows, the "atom" is pretty gosh darn small, however we also know that in the atom, there are even smaller components -- protons, neutrons, and then even electrons (roughly in that order). Protons have a "positive (+)" charge, neutrons are bland and unexciting, and electrons have a "negative (-)" charge. Now, what causes these sub-atomic particles to have a "charge?" Could it be what we know of as, "energy?" Whatever it is, it would have to be smaller than these three components, themselves, correct?

Well, let's take a look at that.

The source of color

I ask you, "What causes color?" You would probably answer with something like, "Well, 'color' is caused by the different shades of something, like a thread. When you have a blue shirt, it was made of blue thread."

I also ask you, "What causes color in computer monitors or television projections?" You would probably answer with something along the lines of, "Well, that's obvious. It's the different colored fonts and backgrounds you choose, and the projection mechanisms merely conveying that image onto the screen."

Well, while you would be correct in both of these cases, I'm talking about on a much smaller scale. Sure, you can buy some blue thread, sew a shirt, and it will be blue; sure you could point-and-click the color "blue" on your virtual paint palette to make something blue, but what really makes it appear that way?

The answer: Photons.

"What the heck are photons?"

Photons are little, itty bitty pieces of light, and are basically the "cells" of light. Think of it this way: In people and animals, cells are (basically) the smallest structure that make us up. If light were a person or an animal, the photons would be the same as cells.

How does this apply?

Well, photons have been scientifically proven time and time again (if you doubt this, then Google it – I just did, and it returned, "About 26,100,000 results"), so there is no doubt as to the existence of photons.

Now, what happens in the formation of color is this:

  • Sunlight contains all colors of the spectrum of visible light, and, when combined, appears to the naked eye as "white light" or simply transparent.
    • This can be proven through the use of spectrometers (tools that split a light source into all of the separate colors that make it up (i.e. sunlight would show up in a spectrometer as the entire rainbow while purple would show up as blue and red)).
  • Light, as we all know, is a form of energy, and elements (such as Neon) lie relatively dormant when left alone.
  • When light (energy) strikes the electrons of Neon, this light "excites" the electrons in Neon, and causes them to jump around.
    • (A more in-depth explanation is beyond the scope of this article, however if you shoot me an email I would be more than happy to explain it.)
  • As the electrons jump around, they emit various colors of light (the exact color depends on the element).
  • In Neon's case that color is "red."
    • Krypton is blue, Xenon is white, Argon is purple, etc. (What most of us call "neon" –as in "neon lights"– isn't necessarily Neon. It's only Neon if the light is red.)

Energy in the Universe

Now that we've established that energy is extremely small, invisible to the naked eye, and everywhere, let's begin to steer this article more in the direction of how it relates to Psionics

Something that has long perplexed physicists of all professions, is the origin of the Universe. Now, everybody may have their own views of this, however it is obvious that it had to come from somewhere. The most popular theory is that it came from "energy."

Without delving into the topics of Quantum Physics here, we basically have various forms of matter and various forms of energy floating all throughout the Universe, and this "energy" is what makes up all of the dead space and accounts for, well, a lot of things.

Physicists theorize that somehow, "energy" is the source of matter, and is what makes up such things as "atoms." If we were to follow in accordance with this idea, then it would make sense that a person can manipulate thoughts, communicate psychically, and create such things as "Psi-Balls" and "Shields," as well as put the belief of "auras" in a reasonable, scientific light. This is because if Energy surrounds and makes up everything, and a person learns how to manipulate this virtually presence-less force, then they could of course indirectly affect all things that are related to Energy (which is virtually everything).

Energy is all around us

To conclude, Energy is all around us and makes up everything in the Universe as we know it. If you have any more questions or concerns, don't hesitate to e-mail me. This was not intended to cover the entire subject matter, and is actually slightly longer than intended, but should cover the intended point adequately.